Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Powder

My pre-order copy of Black Powder from Warlord Games arrived today. I am very excited. The order included a free limited edition 28mm figure which is the ugly Crimean War Scotsman on the front cover who goes by the name Big Wullie.

Black Powder is a hard cover rule book, 182 pages long in full glossy colour. Every page has pictures of the most coolest 28mm wargames figures you are ever likely to see.

At a quick glance Black Powder covers 1700-1900, the age of the musket. (My interest is the American Civil War in 15mm). Black Powder appears to follow the Warmaster rules format with lots of dice throwing. Units are organsied as large, medium, small and tiny. Figures can be 6mm through to 54mm. The rules contain Quick Reference sheets and a table of contents. No index (boo).

First impressions are good, the eye candy factor alone is priceless. Next week I intend to challenge Guido to a 15mm Napoleonics game to test the rules. When I do I will write a battle report and give my impressions of the game. Stay tuned.........


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for the heads up on the rule book. I look forward in reading the battle report.


yorkie said...

Hmm, looks interesting, i too look forward to reading your battle report.


Monty said...

Hi Paul,

For the ignorant here, does the rulebook contain ACW?

Not really a Nap bod myself, though this does look a good product.
Cheers mate,

Beccas said...

Hi Monty. Yes it covers the ACW. That's my main interest also (in 15mm). I don't have enough figures to game ACW so we are trying it out with Guidos Naps.

Monty said...

Nice one, Paul - I may give 'em a look.