Monday, November 16, 2009

Company B

Every so often you come across some top guys in this hobby and in this case Bruce from Company B deserves special mention. I have been buying a few little things here and there from Company B over the last six months, most of which will be appearing as painted items on the blog in 2010. Bruce has displayed an amazing level of customer service and I would like to thank him massively for helping me find some special figures that I thought I would never get the opportunity to get my hands on. Now I have to do them painting justice. Another part about Company B that impresses me is postage cost. The rest of the world knows that feeling of being ripped off with USA miniature company postal charges. Company B charges the cost and that is something that I rate highly.
Company B sell 1/56th (28mm) vehicles and guns from WWI to Modern, including crews and stowage. The product is top notch and worth the price. I highly recommend Company B to all my blogger mates. I have my eye on a few more items. Don't tell the wife!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Paul. Bruce is truly an inspiration to the hobby. A lovely gentleman who is very generous with his time.