Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Peter Pig 8th Army

More figures have arrived in the post. My wife is giving me evil looks....

This time I bought some packs of the re-sculpted 15mm Peter Pig 8th Army figures. I have dug out my old copy of Crossfire from the late 90's. So I need some singles to uses as command figures to bulk out my Aussies. My hat goes off to Martin Goddard, aka Mr Pig. You have excelled yourself. Big painting session over the next month to get these boys painted and pics posted.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Australian Desert Infantry

28mm Batle Honors WWII Australians in the desert. I mixed in a pack of Poms with helmets.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Afrika Korp Platoon

An Afrika Korp platoon I have been working on. Figures are 28mm Battle Honors (Yankie Spelling). Based up for the skirmish rules Disposable Heroes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Week in Wargaming

I just finished listening to the "This Week in Wargaming" roundtable 1 show. I do like this show but I really think it should be renamed "This Week in WarHammer". This was highlighted when big Troy read out an email from Neil from the "Meeples and Miniatures" podcast. Neil took exception, and rightly so, to comments made by big Troy that 40K was the only game in town if you wanted to play sci-fi 28mm tank battles. Neil pointed out other game systems and models. Big Troy then asked the roundtable if they had heard of said games and models. Surprise, surprise, the roundtable are GW fanboys and of course they had not heard of said items. GW is wargaming. Nothing else is out there. That's equal to asking a bunch of yank Grid Iron fans, have you heard of Rugby? Most Yanks will go, whats that? Never heard of it, can't get a game of it around here. I'm not playing it. If they opened their eyes they would proably find a local Rugby club down the street. Message to roundtable. Pull your heads out of GW's arse and start googling. It's a big world and GW is just a small part of it.

TWIW weekly show is superb but get some variety on roundtable or run the risk of being know as TWIGW.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gripping Beast part 2

Email received from Gripping Beast. Missing figures are in the mail. That's what I call customer service. What a great miniatures company.

Gripping Beast

Latest Romano-British unit arrived in the post from Gripping Beast, my number 1 favourite figure company. I ordered a unit of 24 Milities. Very nice figures indeed.

Now, I have had my first ever GB problem. They forgot to put four figures in the pack. So what? Well at about $15.00 for four figures it's a big deal. Email sent to GB. Let's see how we go? I am not worried because they have a good rep in the industry but I will let you know.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sorry to divulge off topic but something good happened at work today. A hot Blondie flashed a nice pair of boobs at my partner and I. Nothing like a nice pair of boobs to brighten your Sunday.
Thank you anonymous Blondie.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Great War Miniatures

My latest batch of Great War Miniatures arrived today from North Star in the UK. I ordered three packs, being the HMG, High Command and Signals packs. I really like these figures. They do however, have their problems. And that is way too much flash. I have been wargaming for 8 years now and I would say that they are the worst cast figures I have ever seen, even worse than Old Glory. These figures are not cheap and would say they are the product of a very lazy caster. They clean up well after a lot of hard work. Anyway, being the lead addicted wargamer I am. I will keep buying them until I complete my army.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Red Sun, Red Death

Good news today. My copy of "Red Sun, Red Death arrived in the post. For the philistines amongst you, this is the pacific war supplement for Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers. This is my favourite WW2 28mm skirmish game.

First impressions, nice pic on the cover. But shock and horror that the book has ring binding. No other other DH book comes like this and I really hate ring binding. I am going to have a big cry. As usual the contents are superb. I know a fair bit about Japanese Pacific TO&E and Chalfant has put together a very well research publication. Armies covered are the Japs, USMC and Chinese. No Aussies. Typical. But we do get a mention on the timeline featuring New Guinea and the Kokoda Track. You will be pleased to know that American leadership and support saved our Aussie bacons. And the New Guinea campaign was won on the track. DH boys, please! Kokoda was in a country called Paupa. Dutch New Guinea was it's own entity and a separate campaign sucking in 100 000 Japs that lasted until 1945. Bitching aside, this is a really good book with a lot of good information. Highly recommended.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have three painting projects on the go at this present time, although there really should be a lot more. I'm afraid my house might sink based on my lead pile that gets bigger and bigger. But only slightly bigger than my rule book collection. You all know where I'm coming from.
1, 28mm Romano British for WAB and the excellent Age of Arthur book. I am working on a 12 horse cav unit as we speak. (I really hate painting horses).
2, 28mm WW1 Western Front Australians for Warhammer Historicals The Great War. Half way through my 1000 point list. Once the infantry is out of the way is all gravy with support weapons and the grand prize at the end, a Whippet Tank.
3, 1/3000 WW2 naval and 1/600 aircraft for Victory at Sea. I have an obsession to paint every ship and aircraft squadron involved in the Battle of the Coral. I am nearly finished but I will have to find a new obsession.
I hope to post some pics soon of my work in progress. The wifey & rugrat have gone to her mothers house, 400kms away, for the school break and have taken the camera. But I will get it back!!!
Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beyond Kokoda

The new war documentary Beyond Kokoda screened on the History channel last week. The exciting thing about this particular documentary is the focus on Japanese veterans giving us their perspective for the first time. Here's a link to u-tube for a preview. Highly recommended.