Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Powder Napoleonics

The Prussians

Hand to Hand, French Top, Prussians Below

I had another bash at Black Powder last night using 15mm Napoleonics. My opponent was Jonesy, and Guido umpired. Simsy was meant to turn up but cancelled at this last minute for something he called a "booty call." This time we used two Brigades a side and added two cannon per side to give the artillery rules a whirl. Nothing special about the terrain as these are learning games.

Artillery seemed easy to use. Range of artillery depends upon the gun used. In this case we used Smoothbore Foot Artillery which has a range of 48cm in 15mm. Distance decides if you throw 1,2 or 3 dice to attack. You get to use 1D6 if the range is over half, 2D6 if the range is up to half, and 3D6 if the range is up to 6cm. There are some modifiers to add in depending upon enemy formations etc. A roll of a 6 always disorders target.

The target needs to roll to save any hits. The usual 4+ save needs to be modified by -1 if hit by artillery at long range, or -2 if hit by artillery at medium and short range.

During this game artillery was charged by a regiment of infantry and the hand to hand result was as expected. Artillery die easily.

The rules cover artillery, howitzers and machine guns (for later wars).

An enjoyable game. Jonesy took line honours by inflicting more damage than I did. Sorry about the poor photos. My camera is not up to scratch for low light. Jonesy took a couple of pics with his super camera and I will post them if he sends them to me. Next game we try out cavalry.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Larry Leadhead

I got hold of a copy of the Larry Leadhead Compendium #2. Larry Leadhead is for guys & girls that love their hobby but don't take it too seriously. Great laugh.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Company B

Every so often you come across some top guys in this hobby and in this case Bruce from Company B deserves special mention. I have been buying a few little things here and there from Company B over the last six months, most of which will be appearing as painted items on the blog in 2010. Bruce has displayed an amazing level of customer service and I would like to thank him massively for helping me find some special figures that I thought I would never get the opportunity to get my hands on. Now I have to do them painting justice. Another part about Company B that impresses me is postage cost. The rest of the world knows that feeling of being ripped off with USA miniature company postal charges. Company B charges the cost and that is something that I rate highly.
Company B sell 1/56th (28mm) vehicles and guns from WWI to Modern, including crews and stowage. The product is top notch and worth the price. I highly recommend Company B to all my blogger mates. I have my eye on a few more items. Don't tell the wife!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Powder Test Game

Today I tried out a test game of Black Powder from Warlord Games. My opponent was Guido. The setting was French v Prussian Napoleonics in 15mm. One Brigade a side, each Brigade had three standard sized Regiments of Infantry.

To start off with one comment - What a lot of fun. A very brief overview as follows:

The game turn starts off with the player issuing verbal orders to his soldiers. Yes, that's right. You have to talk to your figures and your opponent needs to hear you. If you forget to issue verbal orders you are sent straight to the Blunder chart to dice for your fate. This happened to me. The Blunder chart is a ruthless place to visit and very amusing. The Blunder chart sends your regiments off in all sorts of directions.

Each Brigade Commander has a leadership value and you need to score a certain 2D6 score to determine how many orders the Brigade Commander can issue to each regiment.

Infantry move up to 12 inches in 28mm, or 12cm's in 15mm. It is possible, but very unlikely, that each regiment may move three times a turn. Changing formation is considered a full move.

Shooting occurs from 20 inches in 28mm, or 20cm in 15mm. Each Brigade throws a set determined number of dice to shoot with, add or take modifiers depending upon targets etc. So a standard Brigade in good order throws 3D6. They need 4+ hit. Defender needs to throw 4+ to save.

Close Combat is a bit more complicated. The defending unit fires at the Charging unit. Result decides if the charge continues. If in hand to hand you consult a chart, add or take modifiers, throw dice, save hits and work out a result. Losers go to a break test chart and suffer their fate.

Just a small game to start with. Next we will add cannon. I honestly enjoyed the game. I can't wait to play again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Powder

My pre-order copy of Black Powder from Warlord Games arrived today. I am very excited. The order included a free limited edition 28mm figure which is the ugly Crimean War Scotsman on the front cover who goes by the name Big Wullie.

Black Powder is a hard cover rule book, 182 pages long in full glossy colour. Every page has pictures of the most coolest 28mm wargames figures you are ever likely to see.

At a quick glance Black Powder covers 1700-1900, the age of the musket. (My interest is the American Civil War in 15mm). Black Powder appears to follow the Warmaster rules format with lots of dice throwing. Units are organsied as large, medium, small and tiny. Figures can be 6mm through to 54mm. The rules contain Quick Reference sheets and a table of contents. No index (boo).

First impressions are good, the eye candy factor alone is priceless. Next week I intend to challenge Guido to a 15mm Napoleonics game to test the rules. When I do I will write a battle report and give my impressions of the game. Stay tuned.........