Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Powder Napoleonics

The Prussians

Hand to Hand, French Top, Prussians Below

I had another bash at Black Powder last night using 15mm Napoleonics. My opponent was Jonesy, and Guido umpired. Simsy was meant to turn up but cancelled at this last minute for something he called a "booty call." This time we used two Brigades a side and added two cannon per side to give the artillery rules a whirl. Nothing special about the terrain as these are learning games.

Artillery seemed easy to use. Range of artillery depends upon the gun used. In this case we used Smoothbore Foot Artillery which has a range of 48cm in 15mm. Distance decides if you throw 1,2 or 3 dice to attack. You get to use 1D6 if the range is over half, 2D6 if the range is up to half, and 3D6 if the range is up to 6cm. There are some modifiers to add in depending upon enemy formations etc. A roll of a 6 always disorders target.

The target needs to roll to save any hits. The usual 4+ save needs to be modified by -1 if hit by artillery at long range, or -2 if hit by artillery at medium and short range.

During this game artillery was charged by a regiment of infantry and the hand to hand result was as expected. Artillery die easily.

The rules cover artillery, howitzers and machine guns (for later wars).

An enjoyable game. Jonesy took line honours by inflicting more damage than I did. Sorry about the poor photos. My camera is not up to scratch for low light. Jonesy took a couple of pics with his super camera and I will post them if he sends them to me. Next game we try out cavalry.


Monty said...

Looking good Paul, as always,

I love your terrain boards too, mate. Must get a look at these rules.

All the best,


jmilesr said...

How are you finding the rules for a smaller scale. I'm hoping to adapt them for 6mm ACW.

Beccas said...

Hi Monty. Not my terrain this time. Honours go to my mate Guido. The rules are worth the price.

Hi jmilesr. We have only had two games so far, both in 15mm. I think it works great in 15mm because you can maneuver around a bit more. I think this game would look great in 6mm. You could have a whole regiment on one base. The only thing you would need to do is have markers to show what formation your unit is in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for the report.


Anonymous said...

I gotta have a game!