Thursday, March 15, 2012

Australians v Japanese : Point Blank

Last night Youngy and I faced off in our second go at Disposable Heroes Point Blank from Iron Ivan Games. This time round we are set in the South Pacific on the island of Labuan in 1945.  Australians have assaulted the beaches are now streaming inland. The important Bongo Bongo river lays ahead. Who will get there first? The Aussies or the Japs? I am commanding a section of 10 Veteran Aussies lead by a Corporal. Youngy is commanding a section of 13 Veteran Japs lead by a Sergeant. Some may ask, why the uneven numbers? The answer - We are playing historical wargames here, not magical space leprechauns!  The above historical photograph is a posed photo, taken long after the battle ended.

Today's battlefield is a 4x4 table.  A river running up the guts, surrounded by jungle.

The objective of the game is to cross the river ford first.

 The Japs sneaking through the jungle.

Youngy wins initiative in Turn 1 and moves first.  His priority is to get his LMG team in a position to cover the fjord.  This gunner was the Jap hero of the game, hiding in this spot he had good cover and accounted for all Australian causalities.
 One crazy Jap crosses open ground and is subject to snap fire ; PINNED.

The Australians take up positions in the jungle opposite the river.  The lads are a bit apprehensive of advancing as the open ground is covered by the Jap LMG.  I need to do something about that.

A heroic Australian Bren gunner team makes a dash for a shell hole near the river fjord.  He make the shell hole but his offsider does not.  A second Australian rifleman dashed forward to take the fallen mans place.  He does not make it either.  On his own the Aussie bren gunner is a risk of gun jams, but he fights on.  Only to fall victim in time to the Jap LMG.

 The Jap Lance Corporal carrying a SMG, and a rifleman move out to the Japs right flank.

 Another silly Jap runs out into open ground resulting in snap fire : PINNED.

Another group of Japs move out on the Jap left flank, stealthily approaching the river.  Once spotted at the edge of the jungle they come under fire.  One gets pinned.

The Australian section marksman, with his scoped .303, is the Japs biggest threat.  He comes under all sorts of fire but he is not fazed.  He keeps fighting and dropping Japs.  He eventually kills the Japs LMG Gunner.

Slowly the Australian section is whittled away or pined and the Japs are able to cross open ground towards the ford.
The Japs cross the river and Youngy takes victory.  The Australians melt back into the jungle and radio for a Matilda Frog flamethrower tank to come forward.  Buts that another story.  The Japs lost 7 killed, Aussies lost 6.

Good game.  Rules are becoming clearer.  I have a couple of questions to post on the Iron Ivan forum.  This game took about 2 hours.  I am looking forward to more games in the future.  Good win Youngy.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Welcome to my Jungle

You know you have serious wargaming problems when jungle slowly spreads across the floor of your study.  These are my latest 28mm gaming fashion accessories.

Photo for scale.  28mm tank and figures.

I get to test out my new terrain on Wednesday when the Aussies face off with the Japs.  Apologies for the average pictures but I could not wait to show you the "jungle."