Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Powder Test Game

Today I tried out a test game of Black Powder from Warlord Games. My opponent was Guido. The setting was French v Prussian Napoleonics in 15mm. One Brigade a side, each Brigade had three standard sized Regiments of Infantry.

To start off with one comment - What a lot of fun. A very brief overview as follows:

The game turn starts off with the player issuing verbal orders to his soldiers. Yes, that's right. You have to talk to your figures and your opponent needs to hear you. If you forget to issue verbal orders you are sent straight to the Blunder chart to dice for your fate. This happened to me. The Blunder chart is a ruthless place to visit and very amusing. The Blunder chart sends your regiments off in all sorts of directions.

Each Brigade Commander has a leadership value and you need to score a certain 2D6 score to determine how many orders the Brigade Commander can issue to each regiment.

Infantry move up to 12 inches in 28mm, or 12cm's in 15mm. It is possible, but very unlikely, that each regiment may move three times a turn. Changing formation is considered a full move.

Shooting occurs from 20 inches in 28mm, or 20cm in 15mm. Each Brigade throws a set determined number of dice to shoot with, add or take modifiers depending upon targets etc. So a standard Brigade in good order throws 3D6. They need 4+ hit. Defender needs to throw 4+ to save.

Close Combat is a bit more complicated. The defending unit fires at the Charging unit. Result decides if the charge continues. If in hand to hand you consult a chart, add or take modifiers, throw dice, save hits and work out a result. Losers go to a break test chart and suffer their fate.

Just a small game to start with. Next we will add cannon. I honestly enjoyed the game. I can't wait to play again.


Monty said...

Hi Paul,

Very interesting stuff. Have you played Polemos and if so, how do these compare?
I'm looking forward to your next reviews.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your overview of the rules. Do these rules also cover AWI?



Beccas said...

Hi Monty. I have never played Polemos. I think I am too dumb to play that. It looks hard.

Hi Helen. Yes these rules do cover AWI. The AWI pictures in the rule book are amazing.

Cheers guys


Monty said...

No problem, Paul,

I shall await your confirmatory 'thumbs up' and then probably dive in a get a set of these rules; they look good already.
All the best,


Secundus said...

Thanks for this report, I have just received my copy and have been flicking through it. I wonder how it will compare to 'Napoleon' from Foundry?