Sunday, October 25, 2009

IABSM Test Game

Things have been quiet on the painting front due to a number of factors including a visit from the in-laws. My painting room doubles as a guest room so I had to put away all my painting stuff and then put it all back again. I am trying to get back to the painting routine.

Guido popped in on Sunday arvo to have another play test of I Ain't Been Shot Mum (IABSM) from Too Fat Lardies. I won't write too much about the game other than the British were trying to force the Germans out of a small village somewhere in France. We each had one tank to try the tank rules. Guido had two British infantry platoons, I had one German infantry platoon. We had a couple of confusing moments that needed extensive rule reading. We were generally happy with the way the game played out. I posted a couple of pics. One of the battlefield with blinds on it as each force maneuvers for control. The second picture is some dead cows that got caught in the crossfire.


Anonymous said...

Great looking game Paul, but where are all the photos?


Beccas said...

I was a bit lazy. It was a test game so there was a lot of rules reading. Next time I promise to take more and do a proper battle report.

Monty said...

Bloody outlaws inbound! Stand by your beds! Don't panic, DON'T PANIC!!
The rigours of married life, Paul lol.
Seriously, I too, am going through a loss of painting morale and have been drifting back to my lovely PC and Yea Gods - XBox(!) for a bit of digital wargaming. I'm sure I shall rediscover my mojo soon...ha ha.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Bastards! Who killed the cows?

Beccas said...

Guido killed the innocent grazing cows.