Friday, December 31, 2010


31st of December is the day of my yearly State of the Blog speech and my review of 2010.

There have been over 10,000 visits to the blog from 88 countries. That's double on 2009. The top three visiting nations are the USA, the UK and Australia. The top non-english speaking visiting nation is Germany. The most popular post of 2010 was a battle report posted on September 20 titled "Blitzkrieg Commander 8th Army v Afrika Korps." Just under 1000 hits. Many thanks to you all.
I am very fortunate to have 75 gamers following my blog. An increase of 30 followers from 2009. Thanks guys.
The butchers bill!
In 2010 I painted :
67 x 15mm figures
9 x 15mm vehicles/guns/tanks
56 x 28mm figures
4 x 28mm vehicles/guns/tanks
Total 136 items
Painting is way down 0n 2009. But purchasing was also down on 2009. As always, total purchasing remains my horrid little secret that no-one is allowed to know but me. Although I have noted a new purchasing trend towards pre-painted terrain. It's no good painting figures and then playing on a piss poor table.
I am pleased to report that gaming increased in 2010. The game most played was Blitzkrieg Commander. Other games played included Disposable Heroes, Victory at Sea, I Ain't Been Shot Mum, Black Powder and WAB.
Blitzkrieg Commander has taken me by storm and I wished I had tried this game earlier. It's perfect for 15mm and if any of you FOWers are reading this post. Have a go. Command and Control make the game. Nothing you do is certain. I am tending to favour this style of wargaming.
Disposable Heroes remains my favourite wargame but I hardly played it in 2010. Must play more in 2011.
My favourite miniature release of 2010 would have to be the 28mm Belgians from BEF Miniatures. Really nice figures. The range is not yet complete and no doubt they will rank highly in 2011.
The best new release rules/expansion of 2010? None really. Nothing caught my eye. I purchased Warhammer 8th Ed but the thought of gluing together hundreds of plastic figures is comparable to getting run over by a tank feet first.
Disappointment of 2010? Warhammer Ancient Battles 2. The most hyped and egergally anticipated rules release of the century. Turned out to be rubbish. The book was poorly written. Example diagrams do not match the actual rules, and you need to print off an accompanying errata that is larger than most wargaming rulebooks. Very poor show Forge World. I feel sorry for the fans who are keeping the game alive now with their own unofficial amendments.
Battlefield Academy. What a brilliant game. I am playing wargamers from countries like Belgium, Spain, Italy and Germany. When do you get to do stuff like that living in the most remote city in the world? Great on-line community and the game is getting bigger and bigger.
Hail Caesar. Rick Priestly's Ancient rules using his Warmaster gaming mechanics which are also used in Blitzkrieg Commander & Black Powder. You can see why I can't wait to get hold of them. My 28mm Romano-British are back on the painting table in 2011.
Dystopian Wars. Spartan Games new 6mm game featuring the Steam Punk theme. Pictures on the web are unbelievable. A large following is gathering in Perth and I might get in on the action with the Blazing Sun Empire.
Blitzkrieg Commander. Armoured forces are being mustered for Late War Eastern Front.
Disposable Heroes. Must play more games and maybe do a Soviet Platoon to counter the SS.
Star Wars. The licence has been issued to a mystery company. It's all top secret stuff. Could this be the greatest moment in wargaming? Everything else will be dropped on my painting table if this turns out to be good.
Legends of the Old West. Wild West in 15mm. Coming to the blog in 2011.
What am I listening to?
"What Would Patton Do". This is a Flames of War podcast. I don't play FOW but these guys are excellent to listen to. They are very passionate about the game and they cover my favourite topic - WWII.
"Chance of Gaming Podcast" Adam Chance and his sidekicks deliver a brilliant fortnightly podcast covering news in the historical wargaming world. Most of the time they sound pissed which is very entertaining. My No1 podcast at the moment.
"Meeples and Miniatures" As always a great listen but shows are not regular and Neil needs to eat some Bran Flakes to keep the shows flowing.
"Podhammer" Rude and crude Australians that can't go a minute without offending someone. Who else would hire strippers to play Flames of War with them and take photos? Great podcast.
"Worlds End Radio" local Perth podcast. Great for the local scene. But they wear GW blinkers.
Whilst all of you are special I need to single a few out that are always posting positive comments on the blog and keeping me motivated to play. In no particular order:
Helen Tank Girl - Ex-west aussie & army girl. Always very kind to me and earlier this year surprised me with a gift that puts me in a wookie lifedebt. Thanks Helen. Keeping painting those Japs. Best I have ever seen.
Godders - Can't tell you his real name because he thinks internals read my blog. Real life work mentor and great gaming buddy with gaming interest like mine. Thanks for the games of BKC in 2010 (and Belgian beer).
Guido - Another local gaming buddy that tries to use Jedi Mind tricks to make me deviate from my highly organised gaming plans. Owner of the best gaming room in Australia.
Captain Richard from the Captain Richards Miniature Civil War blog. He is undoubted the most talented painter and modeler I have ever seen. Really nice bloke as well.
Al from 20th Century Wargames Blog. Really talented modeler in 20mm. Top bloke.
Paul from Plastic Warriors blog. Another 20mm modeling genius. Really good bloke, always chipping in on the comments section.
Monty from Monty's Wargaming blog. One of my favourite bloggers. He has been a good mate since we both started blogging three years ago. And hopefully a Battlefield Academy opponent in 2011.
And finally Paul from Pauls Bod's. Popped up as a loyal follower in 2010 and is always making some good comments, and his blog is rated A1. Thanks Paul.
Thank you to all who visited Wargamer Blue in 2010 and thank you for your blog posts. Keeps me motivated. Gives me great idea's. And brings the wargaming geek world closer together. Bring on 2011.
aka pbeccas on all forums
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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure Paul in reading your blog with your latest blurb and painting.

Now make sure you spend more time painting than computer gaming, right!

All the very best to you and your family for 2011.

If you need Soviets I've loads of spares. Give me a ping if you need some.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice list you have going.I'm curious about the Star Wars thing.
Happy New Year!


Paul said...

Hey Paul, thanks for the kind words, but I doubt if I am a genesis. Always happy to comment on interesting and well thought out posts.

Pat on the back for 2010 and all the best for 2011.

We colonials must stick together!

Guidowg said...

Cheers Paul, good to see you enjoying yourself as a wargamer and thanks for the games throughout 2010. You've come along way since the Kalgoorlie days. Definitely have to arrange more games this year, especially Disposable Heroes. Russians eh!!!

Keep painting mate , ( I cant today --- hungover, damm beer!!) and I'll see you when I see you.


Beccas said...

I wish I had a hangover. I got pains & soreness from punching on with drug crazed idiots last night. I really need a new job.

whisperin' al said...

Nice review of the year - a couple of podcast there I had missed and making me think of giving Blitzkrieg Commander a chance.

Probably best not to look at purchasing costs too closely (I find mine somewhat scary!)

All the best for 2011.


Secundus said...

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!

Al said...

Glad to know you mate, big fan of your work, stay in touch. Al

Horuss said...


The Angry Lurker said...

I like that the purchasing is secret lol, good round up.

ArmChairGeneral said...

Well done for 2010 and I too am looking forward to 2011 being in almost direct competition with Spartan Games.