Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dismounted Australian Tank Crew

Just in case the lads need to dismount after a freakish Japanese suicide tank attack. Figures are 28mm Black Tree Design. I managed to prep, paint and base these guys in about 4hrs. A personal record.


Guidowg said...

Superb painting once again mate, nice basing, complements the figures nicely.
Now you've been doing all these WWII figures how about some more late romans?

DeanM said...

Great results, especially for the speed your completed them. Interesting to see the tank in OD; I've always thought of it as in desert tan only. Regards, Dean

Anonymous said...

Lovely work paul, just the ticket for the jungle.



Beccas said...

@Guidowg. I'm only doing Romans if they look like the ones out of Asterix.
@DeamM. Thanks. It's a Matilda Frog flame tank. Best way to get Japanese out of caves and bunkers. They were painted green like the jungle.
@Tank Girl. Thanks Helen. I used these guys as test figures for the infantry. I think I need to lighten the uniform down a bit and Guidowg gave me some good tips.

Paul said...

Fanastic stuff Paul, especially given the short time frame.

Well done.

Thanos said...

Aussies for ever mate!
Great work!!

Beccas said...

Thanks all.

Doc Smith said...

Great stuff Paul - what make is your Matilda? Could have used your boys in our last Kokoda stoush!


Beccas said...

Doc, It's from Company B. They also do the Australian variant of the Honey Stuart as it appeared at Gona and Buna.