Monday, December 13, 2010

Hail Caeser Formations

Rick Priestly has posted recommended 28mm formation sizes for his forthcoming Ancient rules titled Hail Caesar.

Single figures are assumed to be based on 20mm x 20mm square bases. Cavalry on 25mm x 50mm bases. Elephants 60mm x 80mm. Light Artillery 40mm x 60mm. Heavy Artillery 60mm x 100mm. 2 Horse Chariots 40mm x 80mm & 4 Horse Chariots 80mm x 80mm.

Formations come in sizes of Standard, Large, Small, and Tiny. Aka Black Powder.

A Standard formation will consist of 16 to 20 models in a two rank formation. So you can have a front rank of 8 models, 9 models or 10 models. It's your choice but it has no effect on the game.
A Large formation will consist of 32 to 40 models in a two rank formation. So a front of 16 to 20 models.

A Small formation will consist of 8 to 12 models in a two rank formation. A frontage of 4 to 6 models.

A Tiny formation will consist of 6 models in a two rank formation. A frontage of 3 models.

Phalanx and Warband are recommended to be in four rank formations with frontages as above with double to amount of figures.

This is only a small summary of the two page document. For a full version you will need to join the Hail Caesar Rules yahoo group.
I got excited and order some more Gripping Beast Romano-British to make an impressive and sizable army.

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Stig of the Dump said...

this look promising, im always on the look out for decent ancients rules.

cheers for the heads up.