Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Battlefield Academy Blitzkrieg France

Just purchased the new expansion for Battlefield Academy called Blitzkrieg France. I have played the first campaign game and found the French tanks to be very hard nuts to crack.

Germans v the BEF

Germans v French

My Battlefield Academy on-line play ranking has risen to 260 in the world. I am on the slow rise to number 1 in the world.

The expansion includes new units & new camouflage patterns and stats to represent the war in 1940: Panzer II German Light Tank, Sturmpanzer German SP Gun, French Infantry, French LMG, Matilda I British Light Tank, Renault FT17 French Light Tank, Char Bis French Heavy Tank, R35 French Medium Tank, Somua 35 French Heavy Tank, French 25mm AT Gun, French Lorry, French Mortar, French Engineer, French Hotchkiss MG, Corps Francs, British Boyes AT Rifle, Sau 40 French SP Gun, Sdkfz 251/10/4 German Halftrack, Berliet VPH Mobile AA, French Scout, Lorraine 38 APC, Panzerjager I, German Panzerbusche AT Rifle, Panhard P178 French Armoured Car, Schneider P16 French Armoured Car.


Ray Rousell said...

Looks like a good game, could be a Xmas dosh purchase!

Thanos said...

Never fond of videogames, but I must admit that it looks very atmospheric...:-)

Beccas said...

Thanos. This game plays like a tabletop wargame. I go, you go. The best part is online play. It's really good fun.

GEM Team said...

I like the graphics