Sunday, May 30, 2010

SS Squad Leaders with MP40's

Four completed SS Squad Leaders with MP40's. My current Squad Leaders have Assault Rifles so I needed these guys to tag in for earlier scenarios. I actually painted a fifth figure but I forgot to put him in the picture. The neckless figure on the left in the field cap was a head swap, hence the no neck. The second figure from the left is the best figure in the whole range. He really looks good in the flesh. Figures are 28mm Bolt Action Miniatures. Just two figures to go to complete my unit (pending any new releases from BAM)!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, once again nice work on the SS.


DeanM said...

Ah, I missed this one earlier; very nice work on the camo - effectively done. I need to finish my VFM SS MG crew someday. Dean