Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confederate Cavalry

Here is something different and out of left field. I have long wanted to do US and Rebel American Civil War armies in 15mm. I find the whole war very interesting, especially the generals. The dream has started. My first unit are Rebel Cavalry. This unit represents a Cavalry Regiment for the rules of my choice, Black Powder. Figures are 15mm Peter Pig Miniatures.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Paul for 15 mm. Good luck with the ACW period.

Peter Pig is a good range for this period.



Monty said...

Great stuff, Paul - I love ACW and am planning (sometime) to start a 6mm polemos game - also tried 28mm Perry plastics which are great.

Still thrashing on with Ambush Alley, which is taking up all my time at the moment...

All the best, mate


jmilesr said...

Excellent work - I've found Black Powder works well with ACW (I'm using 6mm figs).

Good luck with your new project and make sure include some Zouaves as they are fun to paint and look both nice but somewhat silly on the table top