Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kokoda - Documentary

One of my favourite books "Kokoda" by Paul Ham has now been made into a documentry. I ran out and purchased the 2hr DVD asap. The cover of the DVD is really sad. It shows the end result of a successful bayonet charge (World War One style) across a jungle airstrip. War is truely bad. The book is good, the DVD is good. Get hold of either if you can.

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Docsmith said...

Its one of mine too. Ham is a brilliant writer and captured both the story and the historical truth. Another is Peter Brune's 'A Bastard of a Place'. You'll shed a tear or two reading either of them. Its a story crying out to be made into film. The ABC docco was brilliant I thought - very important as we have so few of the old veterans left to record the narrative. Unlike Gallipoli, it never happened with Kokoda or PNG - too horrible to give voice to and too controversial given Blamey and MacArthur's treatment of them. I was incensed the other day when Prime TV (channel 7) advertised 'Pacific' as the battles that saved Australia. It would appear that American history has now been adopted and distorted to replace our own. Its a strong argument for us to have our own 'Saving Private Ryan' type film to tell future generations what really happened.