Saturday, June 5, 2010

Matilda II Frog (& 100TH POST)

This is my 100th post to blogger. Can you believe it. I have been a bit slack over the last couple of weeks with my 28mm Schiminwagon half finished and motivation lacking. My next project is an Australian Matilda II Frog (Flamethrower tank). The above model is 28mm scale from Company B. The kit is 100% resin. The tank commander is metal. I picked the Australian 4th Division decals.

The 4th Division Matilda Frogs saw extensive action in New Guinea, Borneo and New Britain. My grandfather saw action alongside these tanks during the assault landings on Labuan Island in 1945. The Matilda Frog was used to burn out fanatical Japanese defenders holed up in area on the island known as The Pocket. The Pocket had a natural cave/tunnel system which made the Japanese immune to air and artillery attack. The Matilda Frog saved the day and many Australian lives. Hence the reason I'm making this one.

I will post another photo after I glue it together.

In other news my little group of mates have decided to do 15mm Early WWII using Blitzkrieg Commander. We are all starting off with 1000pt Battlegroups. I am going to build a Belgium Army because I favour the underdog. Mike is going French, Guido and Godfrey will be Huns. So look forward to seeing some weird and wacky Belgium tanks soon.

Have a good one.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

A Flamethrowiing Matilda! That would go nicely with the Hedgehog throwing Matilda to make a hard hitting 1-2

Paul said...

Good choice of Armour, I am impressed with the decal sheet as well.

Congrads on the 100 mark, shes all down hill from here mate!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Paul. I love the matilda an I know I'll be facing Michael's matilda in the near future. By the way the parcel is on its way.

Belgium is a nice army to do. Will look forward in seeing your work.



Galpy said...

It might be your 100th blog post but i've only just found your site and a nice site it is love tge SS uniforms below as well. Keep up the great work

Woy Woy Steve said...

Nice job on the frog , can you buy the decals seperately ?, I need some 1/72 scale aussie ones

Beccas said...

Hi Steve. You can buy all the Aussie decals separately. They have 4th, 6th and 9th Division. Although they are 28mm scale I believe they will still look good on 20mm tanks. If you google Company B Miniatures you will find them. Great service USA to Australia.