Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wargamer Historical Moment

Personal Historical Wargamer Moment
Afrika Korps tank formation in flames.
Godfrey and myself locked horns again on Saturday in a game of Blitzkrieg Commander, 15mm Afrika Korps v 8th Army. This was the first game we played for real, using balanced armies from the rule book. We limited ourselves to 1000 points. The battle lasted three hours and it included a historical personal moment. For the first time ever I wiped out one of Godfreys super duper combo German tank formations using my poor Brit tanks and AT Guns. This has never happen before in years of dueling. And it proved Blitzkrieg Commander is a first class game and combined arms thinking is a must.
Two rule points to checkout and clarify :
Q1. Can infantry fire at Universal Carriers?
Q2. Do infantry suppress automatically when shot at?

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of combined arms and you have shown this in the game you played.

More photos would be nice though. Cheeky ain't I?