Sunday, June 21, 2009

SS Test Complete

I finished my SS Test figure in the Autumn camo smock. It's a dark gloomy rainy day in Perth so I had to max up the flash to highlight the cam. I am very happy with the colours. Next figure I will attempt to change the pattern to a more leafy appearance. 28mm figure from Bolt Action Miniatures SS range.


yorkie said...

looks very effective mate, nice one.

Monty said...

Good 'un, Beccas,

Nice effect throughout. I must admit I shy away from camo kits as I don't really have the skills required - oh, well, it's British Battle Dress then...

Alll the best,


Beccas said...

Thanks guys. Appreciate the replies. Monty. It's easy. Three colours straight out of the bottle. The only tricky bit is avoiding doing what I did do and that is making the patches of camo to big. I have to make them smaller and overlap a bit more.

Tank Girl said...

Nice work Paul.


mad padre said...

Nice work, Beccas. Could you please describe how you got this effect? What three colours and in what order?



Beccas said...

Mad Padre, Vallejo paints.
822 German Cam Black/Brown
843 Cork Brown
981 Orange Brown
Black undercoat as per usual.
Paint the Cork Brown all over the camo clothing as the base.
Then Cam Black/Brown various sized shapes all over.
Then Orange Brown inside the Cam Black Brown shapes, leaving just the edge of the Cam Black Brown showing.
Overlap some of the patterns. It looks better.
Hope that made sense?
Practice on a bit of printer paper and you will get the hang of it.