Friday, June 5, 2009

SS Camo Test Paint

I am mucking around with SS camo at the moment. I have this test figure going through the paces. Does the cam look OK? What else can I do to improve? Advice appreciated.


Monty said...

I think it looks great - no problem, mate. I am hopeless at painting camouflage myself -but painted some SS 10mm a while ago,(which you can see on my blog) quite a forgiving scale as you probably know.
Been thinking about getting some more Bolt Actions - how are the SS variety?
All the best,

Beccas said...

Monty, BAM SS are really good figures. Dressed up for late war. The range still needs some Anti-Tank type figures and a medium mortar crew But apparently their release is inniment. Highly recommended. Cheers for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Paul that I'm looking at a blur photo of your chap.

What's is more important if you feel he looks right to you.