Sunday, June 14, 2009

Basic Impetus

I had my first experience with Basic Impetus on Friday night. My mates Guido and Claude dug out their 15mm DBA/DBM figures from deep storage for a test game. Alexander v Persians. The game started off well with movement simple to understand. Things became hazy in combat but we eventually worked out melees. What stuffed us was opposing base contact. Guido and Claude were stuck in the DBM mindset in that bases need to be perfectly aligned for combat. And I had no idea. Turns out bases just need to touch at any angle for a melee to occur. I don't think Guido will be that keen to try them out again, while I reckon Claude would give them a go. I would like to have another try. Thanks to the assistance from guys on TMP and the Impetus forums for your advice. I can see that this would be a quick and enjoyable game to play once the rules are fully understood.

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