Monday, June 1, 2009

Japanese Heavy Cruisers

Three more ships painted. Japanese Armed Merchant Cruiser IJNS Aikoku Maru, and Heavy Cruisers IJNS Furutaka and IJNS Kako. All ships took part in the Battle of the Coral Sea. Ships are 1/3000 scale Navwar.


yorkie said...

looking good, what rules do you use?

Thinking of doing a bit of naval stuff myself, we have the Victory at sea rules.....tempted by trafalgar as well though..


Beccas said...

Thanks Yorkie. Victory at Sea are the rules in use. They are very easy to understand. Basically I move a ship, you move a ship, I move a ship until we have all moved. Then I fire with one ship, you fire with one ship, and we keep doing that to all ships have fired. Firing is done by rolling a number of D6 as indicated by the ships weapon, and attempt to get the target ships score, ie 4. All successful hits are rerolled to get damage results and that may include a critical hit. Then there are rules to repair damage, aircraft, torps etc but nothing more complicated than when you play a game of FOW.

I would like to get Trafalgar myself. But building the ships intimidates me.