Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I can't see my followers anymore.  Is anyone else having this problem? 


Al said...

Nah mate, I can see em, all 112 of the buggers

Beccas said...

My blog must have caught a bug. Thanks Al.

Beccas said...

Looks like it's a widespread problem. I found this post from blogger.

The notice posted was about a more widespread issue that prevented the Followers gadget rendering properly (no followers showed up). I've asked the engineers who work on Followers to investigate but its not obvious at this stage what happened (i.e. they haven't made any changes recently which might cause this problem). We're definitely aware of the problem though. I've held of on responding because its usually easier to respond with "Fixed the problem." than "Not sure at this point." because not sure at this point comes with no promises, which is usually pretty unsatisfactory.

So, sorry about that, this is probably not a very satisfying reply, but people are looking at the problem.