Sunday, April 17, 2011

Australian 2" Mortar Team

I have not been slacking off, honest.  I just finished three support teams for my planned WWII Australian Pacific platoon.  Usually I paint the support options last.  This time I painted them first.  Over the next couple of days I will put up pics of a 3" Mortar Team and a Vickers MMG Team.  Figures are 28mm and they are from Brigade Games Diggers in the Pacific range. 

And a sneak preview of whats next on the painting table.  First coat is on.  Time to bring out the details.  I plan to make this fleet very WWII like.  Thanks for looking.


Man Cave said...

Nice Diggers - I have never been able to play Aussies, I get far too emotional with them!

Looking forward to seeing how the Dystopian Wars stuff comes out

The Angry Lurker said...

Nice figures, Dystopian Wars to follow, very nice.

Guidowg said...

Looking great Beccas.

Anonymous said...

Great work Paul.

Michael has been busy with some new Aussies for the Pacific - Kneeling poses with loads of character.

You will need to ask Bruce when they are avaialble.



Thanos said...

Nice looking there mate!!!

Paul said...

These look great, good to see the tin helmet used.

Keep it up!

Al said...

Yep, nice looking figs mate

Beccas said...

Thanks all. And that's great news Helen.

CWF Game Cast said...

Those Dystopian Wars models look good. Once my BP are done maybe I'll pick some Dystopian up to paint.