Monday, July 27, 2009

IABSM British Company

Being a typical wargamer suffering magpieitis I saw a new shinny object in IABSM and my plans from a month ago were thrown into disarray. I have assembled a late war British Rifle Company in 15mm as per the Gotterdammerung IASBM army list. I short changed the Coy one platoon.

3 x Little Big Men, one of which is the Coy Commander.
HQ Rifle Section of 8 men, 1 x sniper.
2 x Rifle Platoons each consisting of 3 x 8 man sections, a PIAT Team, and a 2" Mortar Team.

I find the 8 man sections a bit odd because they should be 10 men. But who is to argue. Less painting. I also painted up some single figures on square bases to use as loose change when the rifle sections take causalities. German Coy coming soon. Then armour!

There are a mixture of 15mm figures here. Command Decision, Peter Pig, Old School Battlefront pre FOW, and new Battlefront. All these figures came out of deep wardrobe storage, except for the sniper which I had to buy. Picture is a bit short on detail but I wanted that long shot to show my full IABSM Brit coy.


Monty said...

Impressive Beccas, tell me mate, as I am naive, what is IABSM - sorry if you are stating the obvious! I used to play WW2 crossfire which had similar basing and should be returning this year, so I am waiting out on that one.
All the best for now,

Beccas said...

Hey Monty.
I Aint Been Shoot Mum from the Too Fat Lardies. Company level game mainly focusing on infantry but bit of a step up with detail from Crossfire with AFV and AT Guns. 1 man equals 1 man. 1 tank equals 1 tank. Basing does not matter. I could be playing with my figures against a FOW based army. The game is card activated with little bonus actions from your Little Big Men who are inspirational type NCO's or officers. If you do a IABSM google search you will find a really good review on Boardgame Geek. I have only had a small test game so far. Played alright. The main drawing point for me is you can set up historical based scenarios.

Monty said...

Thanks, Paul,

I'll look it up - sounds interesting.