Friday, July 17, 2009

Disposable Heroes Desert Skirmish

The Australian End. I place Bren Gun teams on the left and right flanks to cover the advancing Diggers making towards the buildings. A Vickers MMG in the sandbags duels it out with a MG34. The Vickers wins the dual with some lucky dice throwing.

The Australian Command Team and a Rifle Team race towards cover. Speed is the key leaving the firing to the LMG's and the Vickers.

The Africa Korp are in trouble from the word go. Godders charges all his men towards the building leaving no-one providing cover fire. Good tactics if you play FOW but a disaster in Disposable Heroes.

The Germans.

The Australians.

The Battlefield.
My good friend Godders came over today to re-fight a skirmish in the Western Desert on the outskirts of Tobruk using the Disposable Heroes rules from Iron Ivan Games and 25/28mm figures from Battle Honors. The orders are simple. The Germans are to recon no-mans land near three abandoned Arab houses looking for a good spot to place an artillery observer. The Australians own no-mans land and any German incursion into their zone of control will be meet with aggression.

Godders chose the Africa Korp, I got the Diggers. My plan was simple. Place a Bren gun on each flank, Vickers MMG in the centre, and advance my teams up the guts using the arab houses as cover. I soon took control after my Vickers knocked out the Africa Korps MMG. I now dominated the centre of the board with Machine Gun fire forcing Godders to use the left and right flanks. Unfortunately for the Africa Korps both flanks were covered by my Bren guns. Godders did not spot the danger until it was too late.
Germans started falling like flies and Godders teams were being constantly pinned down and not able to react to my movement.
The Australians Anti-Tank Rifle Team used their Boyes like a sniper rifle. It was hitting everything it shot at. The dice gods were in a good mood.
Godders eventually got some of his troops into the buildings but there were not many left at this stage. The Australians did some house keeping with the bayonet and caused the Germans grievous harm. The Germans fled and the Australians kept their dominance of no-mans land. Australians lost 10 killed, Germans 29 killed.
In summary a great game. Disposable Heroes is the premier skirmish rule set for WWII. To put it in simple terms, "These rules don't suck."


Monty said...

Looking good, Beccas - love the figures' detailing and poses etc. Nice, no-nonsense table too, just what is required for games like this.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

Nice work Paul,

I like the setup and approach to the game.

To bad for the jerries :-) Gott In Himmel!


Beccas said...

Thanks guys. It's a great game.

mr. webster said...

nice pictures. and some well painted models. I love the Afrika corps gear. The comment about the difference between FoW and DH is so true.

Secundus said...

Nice painting, I do like the look of the those Germans. It looks like you had a good game.