Thursday, July 30, 2009

Disposable Heroes

Afrika Korps

Australian Infantry

Wednesday night I received a telephone call from a distressed friend, codenamed Guido. He really needed to have a miniature game to quell his wargaming addiction shakes. So I suggested Disposable Heroes. I loaded my utility with terrain and figures, told the wife I was going out, and I responded priority 2.
Guido had his desert board set up on arrival. A quick throw down of the terrain and we were off. Guido is a WW2 German fanboy, so I immediately told him he was playing the Australians to put him off balance. The game centres around three house. Two house were worth one victory point each. One house was worth two victory points. Whoever has the most victory points wins.
Without going into too much detail the Afrika Korps came on from the left, Australians from the right. A good old fashioned brawl broke out, punch for punch. Both sides took a 1 Victory Point house. Guido got into the 2 Victory Point house but was driven out by well placed fire from my HMG and LMG's. I had no spare men to get into the vacated house. Both sides were worn down to the point where we could do no more and after 2hrs30mins the game ended with a victory point each. DRAW. Both sides lost 17 killed.


Chris Richards-Scully said...

Board looks great. I didn't know Guido had a desert board.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Looks like a great game. I love these sorts of actions.

How are the new rules in comparison to this set?

My first painted Ha Go is now completed. Loads of Japanese infantry on the painting desk at the moment.



Beccas said...

Hi Helen. I am looking forward to checking out the Ha Go. Hope you get the pictures up soon. I can't really compare DH to IABSM yet. Both are very different games. DH is definitely a platoon level 28mm skirmish game. IABSM is more of a company level game with a lot more opportunity to use AFV's etc. And probably cheaper on the budget using 15mm. It would take a lot to knock DH off as my favourite game. Make sure you check your email.