Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shelldrake's Wargaming Bunker

I highly recommend you visit Shelldrakes Wargaming Bunker blog-website if your interested in gaming the pacific war. Shelldrake has similar tastes to my own and it's a shame he lives on the wrong side of Australia. Shelldrake has created the fictional South Pacific Island of Ranawe. Ranawe is a hell hole infested with Japs. Ranawe is remote and as such the Hero of Batan, aka General Douglas MacArthur, is not interested in sending in the American Infantry. "There will be no headlines" he was overheard saying to a staff arse licker as he sipped a shandy on the balcony of his plush Brisbane hotel room. The dirty job of clearing the island falls on the AIF. And the rest of the story will be continued by Shelldrake.


Ian said...

lol - wrong side of Australia indeed!

If you are interested you can play a part in the campaign... I need someone to play naval games and supply battle reports (Japanese convoys MUST be stopped getting to the island).

There is more than one potential landing site, so land battles can be fought and the results passed on, and there is always the continued struggle for air superiority going on if you have any air combat rules.

- Shelldrake

Beccas said...

I could join in. I have not played Victory at Sea in a very long time.