Monday, December 22, 2008

Australian Militia

These boys are my final painting effort of 2008. Presenting a company of 15mm Australian Militia to be used with the Battlefront WWII ruleset. You may just notice some figures based up as singles on round bases at the back of the pack. These will be leaders for the Crossfire ruleset. Figures are by Battlefront and Peter Pig. And I think I am starting to take better pictures. I will master the camera yet.


Anonymous said...

By the way, nice making the move to Battlefront WW2 from FOW. Our group did so and have been very happy!

We've played to pacific themed games in the last couple of months. One set in Burma in '44, the other in the Philippines in January '42. Both wins for the Japanese.

Seeing as I was playing allies both times, hey, they were good games.


Beccas said...

Pacific comes first in my household Tom.

I just need a Taser to get other gaming buddies to see the world from my perspective.