Monday, December 1, 2008

Romano-British Commanipulares

I just finished a unit of 12 mounted Commanipulares for WAB Age of Arthur. If you laugh at my horses I will have to find you and kill you. This is the first time I have painted 28mm horses. It was mind numbing. 15mm horses are easy. Not these babies. I had an accident with the standard bearers flag. I stuck it on upside down, I then had to take it off with a hobby knife and glue it the right side up. There was no way I was throwing it out. All the bases have been magnetised by Litko magnetic bases. I tried to stick a figure on the fridge but he slid down. I am going to transport these lads to games in a metal tool box. The magnetic bases should stop them sliding around. Fingers crossed. Figures are Gripping Beast and as always, a pleasure to paint.

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