Monday, January 24, 2011

Cancon 2011 on TV News.

Australia's number 1 Wargaming Convention cracks a mention on the ABC News. Described as a Nerds Paradise.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for the clip.

I only spent a few hours there which was enough to peruse through the traders and look at the games.

Did not buy anything.



Al said...

Nerds eh, and me a vet? How stereotypical:(

Guidowg said...

The cheek of the girl!!!! who's she calling a nerd!! ..................and is that any different to a geek?

Paul said...

Nice one Paul. I am amazed that the nerds seemed to be enjoying themselves!

Regards Paul (Nerd)

jmilesr said...


An outrage!!!

Gamer's are definitely from the Geek genus of the species not the Nerd side. I don't really know what the differences are but I'm sure they're very important


Looked like a fun con


Beccas said...

I think we are geeks and the news reader looks like a nerd.