Monday, November 22, 2010

Belgian Ford-Marmon Herrington Armoured Truck

Sorry for the lack of miniature posts lately. I have not been doing any painting or wargaming. I have been heavily engaged on the Internet playing Battlefield Academy. And what a poor commander I am turning out to be. There are a lot of good players out there.

Today I finished a Ford-Marmon Herrington Armoured Truck for my Belgium Blitzkrieg Commander Battlegroup. This particular truck will be the HQ for my armour formation. I stuck an officer figure in there to give the vehicle the look of command. I have been doing a bit of research on these trucks. Mainly used by Belgians and Dutch. The Germans and Japanese also used them as captured vehicles. The Japanese got hold of them in Timor. Blitzkrieg Commander don't do stats for this truck as an armoured vehicle so it will played as a normal truck when not in use as a HQ model.

Truck is 15mm from QRF. Officer is 15mm from True North.


Al said...

A very nice little model

Paul said...

Good work with this. He does look in command!

Guidowg said...

Looks top-notch mate, he'll make a lovely target for the artillery!!
Different models like this always make the games stand out.

Anonymous said...

Oh I need one for my Japanese. Nicely done Paul on the truck.



Beccas said...

Hey Helen. Ian's making them so you won't have to wait too long.

Vip said...

I don't think they were used by the KNIL in the East Indies. Perhaps you've mistaken them for the Marmon-Herrington tanks and armoured cars, which were different designs?

Beccas said...

VIP, I read the dutch used them as light mobile AA. I saw a picture of one that had been bought over to Australia after the war. But in saying that, my info is from the internet. Can't reference real books.

Vip said...

Thanks for the heads-up, I've just re-checked the Overvalwagen site and found the trucks you're referring to (up until now I'd believed that they'd only had Fords and Chevrolets).

However, I think it's safe to say that the armoured version you've done is unique to the Belgians, as I've never seen pictures of it in KNIL service.

Can't wait to see your Belgians' artillery though.