Sunday, November 28, 2010

Belgian Army Commander

My Belgian Army Commander is done. I'm not too happy with the staff car. I would rate the actual model as poor. A classic case of a worn mold. I found it to be very difficult to paint. The rear end looks like it melted in the sun. However, it will do the job. All my army needs now are two 47mm AT Guns. I have the gun models but I am waiting on Old Glory UK to send a pack of Belgian AT crew. (Ordered early October!) Once they have arrived I can complete my 1000pt Blitzkrieg Commander Army. Staff car is from Quick Reaction Force and figures are from True North, all 15mm.

I have some 28mm figures on the paint desk now. 80% complete. Should have pictures soon. I also got too cocky in Battlefield Academy. I got absolutely smashed in my latest game. Back to the loser corner for the time being.


Paul said...

Your OC looks spot on, shame as you say about the rupert wagon but as you say it will do the job, perhaps drape a cam net over half of prevent Stuka attack!

Guidowg said...

Nice looking command unit. Cant wait to have a game.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

I think thats pretty nice work