Sunday, August 15, 2010

Australian Matilda II Frog (Flame)

Finished painting this Australian Matilda II Frog flamethrower tank. The tank is marked up in 4th Division markings for the Borneo campaign of 1945. The tank is 28mm (1/56 scale) from Company B .


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

This is a very nicely painted AFV, well done too you.

I look forward in seeing your gaming reports with this beasty involved.

By the way the AfrikaKorps miniatures I gave you, if you use the duplicate commanders and cut them in half they will suffice as tank commanders. Especially the guy with the map in hand.



Beccas said...

Hi Helen. Thanks for the comments and tip on the tank commander. I can't wait to get that 221.

paintpig said...

Nice model this one and a really top paint job to set it off. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Scullmeister said...

Good photo also. Have you got yourself a new camera?

catweasel said...

should it have two lines on the side?

Beccas said...

Hey Sculls. Same camera. I watched a bloke on youtube show how to take pics of soldiers and got some good tips. The shadow across the front is my big head. I will try fix that for next time which will sow more detail on the model.

Mr Cat. Correct. But beyond my feeble wargamer skills.

Al said...

Really cool, glad you found the time for this one. Well painted mate.

Monty said...

Looking good, Paul - I am looking at getting into 28mm again, but holding off the urge to re-plunge back into WW2...things like this make it difficult though!