Saturday, July 31, 2010

Basing Tip

The Vallejo range of basing products was brought to my attention by Legoburner. These 200ml jars contain a textured paste which I can best compare to gritty peanut butter. Once placed on the base (with an old knife - just like spreading peanut butter) the paste dries hard ready for painting and dry brushing. The grey pumice appears best suited to 15mm and 28mm figures. They are a great time saver and one jar will last ages. Well worth a look next time your in your local hobby shop.
Thanks for the tip Legoburner.


jmilesr said...

I use the Vallejo pumice paste for basing my 15mm FOW stuff and my 6mm ACW figures. The stuff I use is packaged a bit differently than your pictures and is labeled "Piedra Pomez 599".

It's a very useful basing tool


Al said...

Might have look at this stuff. How's the Matilda coming along?

Beccas said...

Hey Al. The Matilda is going fine but slow. I have painted the base colours, black washed it. Now I have to dry brush it and hit it with some weathering powders. Might be a little while before I finish because I have also been slaving over a bunch of 15mm Belgian infantry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the tip. Where can we buy this in Australia?



Beccas said...

Hi Helen

Maelstrom Games in the UK. Free postage to Australia (and worldwide) and your in luck because for one day only until midnight tonight 01/08/10 you get 17.5% off if you type THE-PERFECT-STORM in the voucher area.

Irresistible Force in Brisbane carries some of them in stock. They also have free postage.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul very much.