Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Path of Infinite Sorrow

I just finished reading "The Path of Infinite Sorrow : The Japanese on the Kokoda Track" by Craig Collie and Hajime Marutani. If you have any interest in the Pacific War this is a great read. True story of the Kokoda Campaign through the eyes of Japanese veterans and from diaries recovered from Japanese bodies on the track. One minute the Japanese believe they are unstoppable, the next they began to doubt their ability as they face an enemy that does not run. Highly recommended read for all World War II buffs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Great pickup you have. I received my copy for Christmas and read the book in two days.

Fantasic read and gives a great insight of the Japanese martial prowess in the South West Pacific.

Don't worry I'm painting, photos soon.


Mike said...

Have you read "The Ghost Mountain Boys?" Its about the US 32nd Inf Div's march across the Owen Stanley mountains. Very good read.


Beccas said...

Mike, I have not read that one but now I know about it I will find a copy.