Sunday, March 28, 2010

Waffen SS Section

I have been very slowly painting some Waffen SS for use with Disposable Heroes. Here's the first section I have completed. Figures are 28mm Bolt Action Miniatures (BAM).


Tank Girl said...

Great looking section Paul. How many are you thinking of painting up?


Beccas said...

Hey Helen. Glad to hear from you.

3 figures for the command team.
20 figures for the platoon (2 sections)
2 figures for the sniper team.
3 figures for HMG team
3 figures for the Mortar team.
2 figures for the Panzerschect team.

That's a lot of work. I am feeling a bit weak just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Beccas, great squad, the camo looks fantastic. I've got my grenadiers here in a box if your looking for some more to paint up.

Keep going mate, you'll knock them out in no time. I see your intending to add the support boys as well. mmmmm I'd better hurry with my English. Cheers,


Beccas said...

Hey Guido. Don't forget they are elites. The LT has a guts rating of 11. You better get the para's painted up to match them.

Tank Girl said...

Thanks Paul for the list.

Very impressive and don't forget that Battle Honours have some great SS miniatures too.