Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blitzkrieg Commander

The British confront the Germans in a massed tank battle.

The British are not feeling too happy.

The Valentine formation making a run for it after the British reach Breakpoint and fail the CO's Command Roll.

The victorious Germans sweep across the battlefield.
My good buddy Godfrey came over today for a test game of Blitzkrieg Commander. I bought a new shinny copy of the rules a couple of weeks ago because they use the same command and control system as Black Powder.
We dusted off our old 15mm armies. None of which has seen the light of day since about 2006 when we last played Flames of War. To keep things simple we both fielded three tank formations. I was the Brits, Godfrey was the Germans. We picked up the gist of the rules fairly quickly and had a grand old battle which lasted about 2 hours. The British lost because the German tanks where too tough to crack. I can't wait to have another game. Next time we will add some infantry. Blitzkrieg Commander is a really good game.


Monty said...

Looks good Paul,

I too, am intersted in BC and will delve in sometime soon, but at the moment I am back in painting mode, working on my (very) old Essex Celts for DBA - yes, small victories first - then some 15mm Peter Pigs for my Ambush Alley project *MUST* keep my focus, though!! Haha!

Best wishes, mate,


Allan and Carmen said...

What made you choose BC instead of Flames of War?



Beccas said...

Hey Alan

I lost interest in FOW many years ago. I just did not enjoy the game.

I like Blitzkrieg Commander because of the way the command and control system works. It's really random and there is no guarantee that your troops will move each turn. Or they may blunder and muck up your plan. It stops that gamey I go you go. The rules are simple to understand, their fun, and I never have to buy another book because every army list from China to Spain are in there.

But Command and Control is the single main reason. If you have played Black Powder or Warmaster Ancients, it's the exact same system.

Allan and Carmen said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick reply. I will have to get a copy.

Happy Gaming,