Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anzac Spotter

It has taken me one month to paint one figure. This figure is my spotter for my artillery battery (yet to be painted). It's been a long hot summer which I am blaming for my laziness. No rain for two months, most days averaging 35'c+ and three days in a row of over 40'c makes it hard to paint. Thanks for air conditioning, icy poles, the couch and war movies. It's so hot that when I open my vallejo paint bottles the paint spews out like a volcano. Figure is from Great War Miniatures - 28mm.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Paul on the ANZAC spotter considering the weather we are all experiencing at the moment.

The upcoming GB releases will greatly enhance your collection in the future.

Paul, I'm going to let go my WW1 range as I moved into French Indochine. Sould have done this a long time ago.

Stay cool,


ArmChairGeneral said...

Very soon we will be changing seasons with you down under. Good work on the spotter

jmilesr said...

Nice work work on the spotter - I very much like the shading.

I'll trade you a few days of my weather for yours - we're expecting another 20 inches of snow in MD!


Beccas said...

Hi Helen, Don't do it. You will regret it. Never sell your stuff. Do both.

Hey Armchair General. Thanks for the compliments. Looks like rain this Saturday night.

Jmilesr. I have never seen real snow in all my life. The closest I have gotten to snow is frost in the freezer.

Cheers guys