Monday, September 14, 2009

Romano-British Sagittari

Closed Formation

Skirmish Formation

A 15 man unit of Sagittari (archers) complete. The Sagittari are handy because they are classed as light troops meaning that they can be used as skirmishers, or form up to fight as light infantry. They are armed with composite bows, swords and bucklers. Figures are 28mm Gripping Beast.


Anonymous said...

Great brush work Paul. I hope they win skirmishes for you.


Monty said...

Ditto, nice figures again, mate - you remain an inspiration to me Paul, as my painting is crawling along at present...oh well.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Beccas, keep 'em coming.
Where did you get the base by the way?
Whats the next unit?

Beccas said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate your comments. Guido, bases are Litko and the next unit are Pedyt. 4 figures done, 20 to go!

Anonymous said...

I see that I'm going to have to start painting furiously to catch up and get my Saxons ready for battle!