Friday, March 13, 2009

Western Front Anzacs

The next 10 man platoon of Western Front WWI Anzacs are complete. The lads are marching off to the front. I had originally planned to take the heads off these figures and stick on bush hat or slouch hat heads but I could not find any that were suitable. Soapy does his Australian head pack but the short cut down brim does nothing for me. The other option would be to buy Anzacs from Brigade Games and cut their heads off and transfer them over but that gets a little bit expensive. Figures are based up for Warhammer Historicals The Great War. Figures are 28mm Great War Miniatures. Next unit on the painting table is the Assault Platoon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Nice work on the GWM.

Looking forward to seeing your assault troops.


Chris said...

Hey Beccas

They look excellent! Well done.


Fraxinus said...

Awesome look superb an evocative line up especially the lewis gunner my Gramps was one in the RMLI in the Naval Div 1916-1918

Tom said...


Beautiful figs. But if you want a better set of rules than GW, check out Too Fat Lardies "Through the Mud and the Blood". Our group is playing them for the third week in a row tonight. Yes, they are that good.

(the CPD wargamer in blue)