Thursday, February 26, 2009

Company of Heroes

Every so often a new love enters ones life. Company of Heroes is every wargamers dream PC game. Unfortunately a lot of my painting time has now been invested in freeing Europe from the Nazis. If you have not seen this game, get on u-tube and check out the trailers and game-play. One word "AWESOME".


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

I found the same issue with "Soldiers" by Big Bytes, I was Witmann, US Tank Commander, Soviet tank commander etc

Great game and really hooked me in, an as you know your painting suffers.

Right up my alley as Tank Girl!

Hopefully we will see some painted stuff comming out of your workshop soon.

This week I've painted six miniatures.

Take care,


Beccas said...

Hi Helen. If you like Soldiers you better get your hands on this game. Exactly the same graphics and style of gameplay but you can do a whole lot more including designing your own skirmish games. I picked up the gold edition from Singapore on ebay for $17.00. It retails in Aust at around $80.00.

Painting front, I have to highlight ten WWI figures and pictures should be up soon.