Sunday, June 23, 2013

Battlegroup vblog

Hi guys.  I am going to start doing a weekly vblog on youtube documenting my journey with a new WWII rules system called Battlegroup which is designed to be played in 15mm or 20mm.  If your interested in the rules, follow along.


Guidowg said...

Nice one Beccas. Wound looks OK, you'll be good in no time mate.
Who's the dude getting another set of rules?

Beccas said...


Monty said...

I'll look in, Beccas mate - hope the recovery is progressing ;)

Itinerant said...

This should be good - I look forward to learning more. Of course roll for a good healing save on the arm.

Shaun Travers said...

Looking forward to see how you go - a mate and I are just starting down the same road with BGK also, but in Brisbane. We have played that intro scenario three times now!