Sunday, March 10, 2013

Achtung Bolt Action Tournament

I am running the Achtung Bolt Action Tournament which will be held on March 17, 2013 at the Perth Miniatures Gaming Group in Western Australia.  Below are the prizes the combatants will be fighting for.  Many thanks to Ian at War and Peace Games Australia, and to Adam at 4Ground UK.  You guys are legends and true gentlemen of the wargaming world.

BEST PAINTED ARMY - Prize value $220.00
*Army Painter Mega Paint Set - Sponsored by War and Peace Games
*28mm SD.KFZ 251/1 Half track - Sponsored by War and Peace Games

1ST PLACE - Prize value $230.00
*28mm 1000 Point Bolt Action US Starter Army - Sponsored by War and Peace Games
*28mm Damage Detached House - Sponsored by 4Ground

2ND PLACE - Prise Value $150.00
*28mm British Infantry Box Set - Sponsored by War and Peace Games
*28mm Ruined House 1 - Sponsored by 4Ground
*28mm Damaged Detached House - Sponsored by 4Ground

*Special Trophy

*All players will receive a victory plaque

In addition there will be spot prizes awarded for round by round challenges such as first to kill an officer, or first to destroy a tank.  Prizes include 28mm ruined buildings from 4Ground, Bolt Action accessories and an Osprey book.  Total value of challenge prizes is $150.00 (approx).  Prizes sponsored by War and Peace Games and 4Ground.


Neil Todd said...

Great work Paul

Paul said...

Good to see a post Paul.

Worried however about the first to kill an officer prize...LOL

Ian said...

what a cracking list of prizes, great to see such support in the hobby


Guidowg said...

Looking good mate. Thanks for all the effort you've put into organising the comp so far, its going to be a cracker. We'll just have to see how my Tommies go, but win or lose I'm positive everyone will have a great time. Good to see War & Peace and 4Ground getting in on the action.

Monty said...

Really nice prizes - nice one!

Itinerant said...

How'd it go? Have you taken the Europe trip yet?