Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am a super nerd -the shame

My first attempt at film making.
Apologies too.  I had to turn the word verification on in the comments section because the blog has been getting absolutely hammered with spam.  Word verification is a pain in the butt. 


Paul said...

I think that darned Aussie heat saps the motivation a bit Paul.

Well done.

Rodger said...

Very cool. I feel much the same way about painting at present. Might make some buildings and then get back into some figure painting.

styx said...

Great work on the tank and the Auzzies in the back look great...videos get better with time and experience, the first one was great.

As for the spam, sorry to hear that, personally I think we need to find out where these bastards live and pay them a visit with some baseball bats.

Itinerant said...

I want To turn mine off as well, but don't for that very reason. Congrats on the video. I like making them, I'll find you and subscribe.

Anne said...

You are not alone in your nerdiness. And really there are more of us than there are of them, so we win.

Nice video so far. Clear image and I could see the figures really well.

Monty said...

Looking good, Paul; must admit I've knocked a couple of bids together myself in the past; it's the way ahead :D

Jonas M said...

Hi Beccas!

I really enjoy your blog and so have given you the "Liebster Blog Award". You can read more about it here:

Kind regards