Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finns fight the SS in Disposable Heroes

Tuesday night Godders rocked up to my place with a platoon of Late Finns and requested a game of Disposable Heroes.  Who was I to refuse?  I got out my SS, stripped each section of a MG42 to make the game a bit fairer.  And away we went.

Very basic scenario.  Take that hill.  The centre hill is worth 2 points.  The two shell holes worth 1 point each.  The Finns enter the game from the right, the SS from the left.

 The Finns grab the first victory point and set up a HMG in one of the minor victory locations.

 The SS sprint their full 9 inches and take the second shell hole.  Game even so far.

 The Finns Lieutenant waves his arms, and yells "lets take that hill!"

 The Finns hit the crest first, but the SS are nearly there too.  It's time to fix bayonets and fight to the death..

 Sneaky Finn sniper takes out the SS leaders.

The Finns win the close combat battle and take the hill.  The SS try a few sneaky maneuvers but they are countered by the tenacious Finns.  The SS are beaten to a standstill and are force to concede the hill.  Finns victorious.  The battle was costly.  The Finns lost 18 KIA, the SS 20 KIA.  Another great game of Disposable Heroes.  Good win to Godders.  All figures are 28mm.  The SS are Bolt Action and the Finns are Battle Honors.


styx said...

Great Batrep! Can't wait to get my Germans painted up and playing DH!

youngster said...

Great report and photos as always Beccas. Got a nice package of BTD Russians during the week, reading this makes me want to bump them to the top of the painting queue!

Cheers, Youngy
PS - I'm really looking forward to our game next week.

Brummie said...

Nice AAR and Great pics

ColKillgore said...

It sounded like a great game. I say you play it again and put those MG42s back in, although your buddies might not enjoy running into their cross fire next time around.


The Angry Lurker said...

Nice batrep and congrats on the 202, I missed the post....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul for photos and report. Go the Finns I say.



Paul said...

Nice AAR, the first pic of the Scwim with the MG34 is classic.

Great result as well. The later Lapland conflict is a interesting period to game.

Well done to both of you and brilliant to see some regular posts this month!

Model on!

Allan and Carmen said...

Great post Beccas!

I am looking forward to seeing more :)

Al said...

Very cool. Nice table and figs too

Monty said...

Great stuff Paul - I must get back into some more Nuts! gaming after seeing your WW2 minis - nice one ;)

Monty said...

Great stuff Paul - the WW2 - has got me wanting another game of Nuts! Have to dig my Jerries and Reds out ;)