Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Disposable Heroes: Point Blank

Everyone who knows me and follows my blog knows I am an Iron Ivan Fanboy.  Disposable Heroes is my favourite wargame of all time.  If Iron Ivan jazzed up the rulebook into full colour it would be HUGE.

The latest rule book from the lads is Point Blank.  A squad level skirmish game.  Average of 10 figures per side.  The rules use the same mechanics as Disposable Heroes so I am keen to try them out.  Best thing is I already have the figures.  As soon as these rules arrive I will be posting battle reports. 

From their website : 
Point Blank is a brand new squad level skirmish system for 1:1 modern tactical firearm combat. Players are in charge of a squad or several fire teams and control the individual actions of their soldiers, weapon teams, vehicles or support weapons. The rules are focused on the tactical concepts of fire and maneuver, command and control, and morale as well as training and experience. Any period of modern firearms combat can be simulated, from The Great War all the way to today and beyond.

The Point Blank book contains everything you need to run games with infantry, artillery, and vehicles as well as rules for spotting and hiding, as well as night, weather, smoke, and fog. There are three major periods represented for the army lists in the book: WWII (which includes Germany, U.S., Soviet, British, French, and Polish. Vietnam (which includes U.S., ARVN, Australian, NVA, and VC. As well as modern forces for the Global War on Terror or any other modern hot spot (which includes U.S., British, Mujaheddin, and Insurgent). Rounding out the book are three scenarios, each one concentrating on one of the periods covered in the book and focusing on a tactical concept. The missions include Combat Patrol, Ambush, and a VIP Snatch. There is lots more besides in this 94 page rulebook to keep players busy and gaming.


Monty said...

Looks good, Beccas - looking forward to the AARs!



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Oh dear....another book to be added to my collection.

I agree if they released a hardback fluffed up version of DH's it would explode.


Sgt Steiner said...

Interesting look forward to hearing more about it here.

A fellow rules-junkie :-)

MiniMike said...

Nice to see more Iron Ivan games being released. DH must be my most played set of rules and I will definitely try these as well. Now bring on the AAR's :-)
Cheers, Michael

Alex_Nay said...

totally agree, the best set of rules, Iron Ivan, actually we are involved in the Berlin Campaign in our club blog u can follow the games!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what that is. :/

The Angry Lurker said...

I like the sound of these especially designed for a bit of skirmishing.

Guidowg said...

Bring it on Beccas, I'm in.