Thursday, September 29, 2011

Combat Commander

Apologies for the lack of posts this month.  I have been ultra slack at painting (done none).  Playing too much Call of Duty live on the Xbox.  But I have also been playing a lot of tabletop games, averaging one a week.  That's been a mixture of Dystopian Wars, Blitzkrieg Commander and Victory at Sea.

My latest shinny thing is Combat Commander Pacific and the New Guinea expansion pack from GMT Games.  .Combat Commander Pacific is ranked number 3 on Boardgame Geeks best wargames of all time list.  It's a Squad Leader style game with squad counters and squad weapons such as LMG's, HMG's and mortars.  You control platoons of units fighting historical scenarios.  All your moves are card driven which is a great game mechanic because you can't really pre-plan anything.  You need to think on the spot with this game.  Combat Commander Pacific has Australian units and battles so that's why I got it.  And I can convert a lot of the scenarios to miniature wargaming.  Anyway, my friend Jason is going to walk me through a game shortly.  He is a veteran gamer of Combat Commander Europe.  I will let you know how I go.

And I will paint something soon - I promise.  And if anyone want's to link up on Xbox live.  Let me know.


The Angry Lurker said...

Sorry only real online players use the PS3:D

Paul of the Man Cave said...

As long as you've having fun, that's the thing!

Monty said...

Combat Commander looks good, I will check it out...hey, Paul, massively up for Xbox live - perhaps an online clan/team is the EST ahead mate...?

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the heads up on combat commander. Can you use the rules and cards for miniature gaming?

Go the Aussies, er ... Japanese!



Beccas said...

Monty. If you set up a clan I will jump in.

Beccas said...

I guess you could use them for miniatures Helen. Might have to play on a hex map. But you can easily use the scenarios for rules like IABSM and DH.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul very much,


CWF Game Cast said...

Glad you been having fun. Maybe some posts about Dystopian Wars until you get painting again? Would also be curious as to your thoughts on the Army Painter Quick Shade.

I should get on Xbox Live more often. Then again don't own Call of Duty but do have Halo Reach and some others.

Beccas said...

Whats your XBox user name Jon and I will friend you on Xbox? I don't have any of your games. I'm a tight arse and I buy all the cheapos. Never used Army Painter stuff mate. Looks a bit messy. I just block paint, then use GW washes. Mainly Black and Brown washes. Then I highlight with the original colours over the wash. My simple three step process.

Adam said...

add me on XBL:


Beccas said...

Will do Adam.