Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real Australia

Guido and me were based at this place for four years and it was during this time I became a wargamer. Guido was hiding in a back office painting his soldiers one day and I said "whats that?" The rest is history and I went from hero to nerd in 60 seconds. I had no Internet. All model buying was by paper catalogue and snail mail. Never heard of GW either. This is real Australia.


The Angry Lurker said...

Ok I liked that and the music, that's some patrol area, Kalgoorlie?

Beccas said...

Yeah Angry. The same place. Kalgoorlie, the town is rough as guts. More pubs per head of population than anywhere else in the world. And everyone thinks they are a cowboy.

Anonymous said...

I remember doing a freedom of the City of Kalgoorlie/Boulder in the early nineties. Lovely place to start or continue the hobby.


Man Cave said...

More pwer to you mate, and yep thats all the hook you need!

Lurker - Its one of my favs too! Its a cover of "Black Betty" by a iconic Australian band called 'Spiderbait'. That song is off their albumn 'Tonight Alright' here:

Ray Rousell said...

Looks like a funny programme, that's gotta be the fastest version of Black Betty I've heard. This place sounds like Gravesend where me and the Lurker live, I actually come from there, he's an illegal, Gravesend used to have the most pubs in any one town in England,165. Not anymore though, most have mysteriously burnt down, with flats appearring just as the dust has settled.

pp said...

spider-bait version of black betty great band!

Ive worked in Kal on and off for years, shut down work mostly, and I have to say that there is the odd something peculiar to Kal to keep a mans mind off'n lil lead sodjers, but blue forgot to mention them ;-)

Been working down Ausralind for a year (till
october) and its pretty boring compared to Kal, Bunberry can get interesting tho.