Monday, October 11, 2010

Warlord Ancient Battles (The other WAB)

Here's a topic I am very excited about with the release of Warlord Games Ancients Black Powder style rule book. SOCAL Warhammer Podcast has interviewed John Stallard from Warlord Games about the new rule book which is growing Internet fame as being called Warlord Ancient Battles (or the other WAB). John has stated the rules will be released early in the new year and the core writer is Alessio Cavatore of Games Workshop fame. It looks like many supplements are planned and many UK ancient figure manufactures have jumped on board in a corroborative wargamer effort to create a playable rule system.

If you want to know more down load Episode 33 of SOCAL. Link below (although you will need to listen to the English Civil War bit first).

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