Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fathers Day

It's Fathers Day here in Australia and I got a new rule book and a box of chocolates. Warhammer 8th Edition. I am going to call it the big fat book. It's wider and heavier than the bible. If you hit your mate in the head with it he/she would en-route to hospital with a fractured skull. I have never played Warhammer before but it's time to start. Please don't make fun of me my historical friends, for this is a side project. Historical gaming is still number 1 in my house.


catweasel said...

have you thought about what army you'll go with?

Beccas said...

I am leaning towards the Lizards. The army is lead by a giant frog sitting on a hover rock. What can be better than that?

Tank Girl said...

Lizzards would be very cool indeed.

Sounds like a plan Paul, good luck with this.


catweasel said...

hehehe you get to play with toy soldiers and toy dinosaurs at the same time...although swarms of ratmen with exploding weapons are quite amusing too.